Uranium Atlas

Facts and Data on the Raw Material of the Atomic Age

The Uranium Atlas tells the global story of uranium through maps, graphics and narratives covering every phase of the uranium fuel chain. The raw material of the Atomic Age was or is mostly mined in African countries, Australia, Kazakhstan and Canada, and the consequences for the inhabitants of these mining areas have been fatal from the very beginning. The victims of global nuclear colonialism are mostly Indigenous peoples whose voices remain unheard.

Uranium has been extracted from the earth since the 1930s, first in the Belgian colony of Congo, then for decades in South Africa and today in Namibia and Niger. Uranium is used for nuclear power stations, atomic bombs and projectiles that penetrate tanks. Why uranium should remain in the earth is explained in 50 pages of the URANIUM ATLAS.

Authors: Thorben Becker, Claus Biegert, Dr. Horst Hamm, Günter Hermeyer, Manfred Kriener, Winona LaDuke, Linda Pentz Gunter, Mia Pepper, Mycle Schneider, Susi Snyder