"Hibakusha worldwide" exhibition

Ausstellung Hibakusha weltweit

An IPPNW poster exhibition about 50 places in the world where the nuclear industry has harmed the environment and people's health.

Posters on uranium weapons



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The Big Question

How much uranium munition was actually used in Iraq?

The U.S. has admitted to firing around 300 tonnes of depleted uranium in 1991 and a further 140 tonnes in 2003. The UK Ministry of Defence has admitted to using 1.9 tonnes of uranium munition in the 2003 war. Dr. Munjed Abdul Baqi, an Iraqi expert at the Ministry of Science and Technology estimated the amount used in the 2003 Gulf War at 2,000 tonnes. Using satellite imagery of suspected impact sites, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) estimated that 1,000 tonnes were used in 2003.
Random tests have found radiation due to uranium munitions in various regions of Iraq. UNEP has confirmed that residential areas of Baghdad and Basrah were also subjected to attack with uranium weapons.